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Finding Kevala Pranayama

Functional Breathing and its Application in a Yogic Practice    

What will you learn in this course?

  • Learn what functional breathing is

  • Learn to describe yogic breathing practices from this perspective

  • How is pranayama "functional breathing", and when is it not

  • Learn how to incorporate breathing into all aspects of your yoga practice and classes

  • Learn how to teach pranayama skilfully

Why should you take this course?

Breathing has become a part of the public conversation.
Which techniques are best?

  • Box breathing?

  • 4-7-8?

  • Resonance frequency?

  • Buteyko breathing?

  • Cyclic sighing?

  • Nadi shodhana?

In this course we'll talk about all of them, clarifying for you why you might want (or not want) to use any of these techniques

Why learn from Jennifer?

  • Jennifer is Buteyko Educator

  • She's certified in HeartMath

  • and as an Integrative Breathing Therapist

  • For the past 6 years she's been teaching people functional breathing to recover from Breathing Pattern Disorders

  • And Jennifer is a yoga teacher who is deeply committed to daily pranayama practices, which are a part of this course

If you take this course can you treat breathing disorders?

  • No.

  • But, taking this course will help you to teach better breathing in all aspects of your yoga classes

  • Understand how to coordinate breath and movement

  • how to introduce pranayama to your students

  • and how and when to talk about breathing


Receive 35 hours CE from Yoga Alliance

Join Jennifer for a dive deep into your own pranayama practice, while learning how to teach better breathing in all aspects of your yoga classes.

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Finding Kevala Pranayama




Find your kevala pranayama through:

  • Developing a personal pranayama practice

  • Learning proper breathing mechanics

  • Understanding the chemistry of breathing

  • Connecting nervous system states, including trauma histories, with breathing patterns

  • Practice implementing these principles in yoga classes and pranayama practices together

  • Applying these principles to your asana classes

  • Learning to teach solid breathing principles in all aspects of yoga

  • Helping your students breathe better in their own practice

  • Connecting breath through thought and wisdom to bliss


Meetings: Mondays 1pm ET
Feb 5, 12, 19, 26
Mar 4, 11, 18, 25
April 1, 8, 15, 22

Pranayama Practice Times
Mon – Fri 7:10am ET
&/or 3:10pm ET

Finding Kevala Pranayama   $1,200

Finding Kevala + Pranayama Practice   $1,375

Early Bird Price 10% off ends January 1, 2024

Jennifer's Finding Kevala Pranayama  course is an in-depth exploration of not just pranayama, but the mechanics of breathing. From ancient historical texts to the most recent research, this course is astoundingly thorough in both breadth and depth, with plenty of additional resources if you want to go deeper.

I wish I had taken this course years ago as it corrects and clarifies so many common misunderstandings about pranayama and breath cues for yoga teachers.

Laura Beth Wenger

You will receive in this live, online course:

All  live calls will also be recorded. You'll have access to all materials for 1 year.

Sign up for Finding Kevala Pranayama and the Pranayama Bundle for support in your personal practice

Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing until January 1, 2024

Finding Kevala + Pranayama Bundle



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