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Traumatic Stress & the Breath:

the murmuration model of adaptive behaviours
with Laura Beth Wenger & Jennifer Snowdon


​All Webinars and Practices will be live on Zoom as well as recorded and available here for viewing until June 30.

Recordings will be posted as soon as possible after the live presentations and practices, likely within an hour or two. Please allow up to 24 hours for additional materials (slides, links, etc.).

If you have follow-up questions, please contact either or both of us. You can email us here:
Laura —
Jennifer —

Webinars 7 – 8pm ET
Wednesdays, May 10, 17, 24, 31 

Daily practice 7:30 – 7:45am ET
(Thurs, Fri, Mon, Tues)
May 11, 12, 15, 16
May 18, 19, 22, 23
May 25, 26, 29, 31

Zoom link for all Webinars and Daily Practices
Download the iCal reminder here

Week 1 Video Recording and Resources

PDF of Powerpoint for Week 1
Week 1 Daily murmuration morning Practice Videos (these seem to be only available on your computer)

This week please have available for our movement practices the following items:

  • a ball

  • a flat surface (a light book, your phone, a foam yoga block...)

  • a blanket or pillow

  • a chair, sofa, or low table

  • pen and paper or a journal for reflections

Here is our soundtrack (first on Spotify, then Tidal)
Here are some books that we may mention or quote from, or that have been inspiring and foundational in our work for this webinar.

Week 2 Video Recording and Resources

PDF of Powerpoint for Week 2
Week 2 Daily murmuration morning Practice Videos

Props for practices:
Day 2 (Fri 19 May) — a squishy ball, or a bolster, or a pillow/ blanket/towel that you can roll up. We're going to lay across it.

Coherence Breathing

This video of the Breathing Zone App begins at a ratio of 1:1 (inhale to exhale equal length) and moves to a ratio of 1:2 (exhale twice as long as inhale) by the end, at a rate of 5.5 breaths/minute for 3 minutes.

You can try this out here. It's the same practice we did in the Wednesday Webinar. We'll be trying coherence breathing again during a murmuration morning practice this week.

This is a great summary of Iain McGilchrist's Divided Brain work.
This is an interesting interview that describes complexity theory.

Week 4 Video Recording and Resources

PDF of Powerpoint for Week 4

Links to things we've mentioned in the presentation:

Thank you so much for joining us!
Laura & Jennifer

p.s. We'd love to hear your thoughts on Re-Inspired. You can click on the Google Form to the right to provide feedback.  

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