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Lengthen & Strengthen Your Back


Back pain and strain can be debilitating.

With this series of
1-minute postures you use your own strength to relieve back pain.


You are your own best therapist.

Try this ELDOA™ posture at home

  • Somatic practices, yoga postures, ELDOA™ principles for your back.

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    20 Canadian dollars

​ELDOA is a system of exercises used to create more space through your spine, as well as in the peripheral joints. It's used to help relieve back pain and correct posture. Created by French Osteopath Guy VOYER, DO, each exercise takes only a minute to do. It's simple and effective.

In an ELDOA class, after a warmup, we'll do a series of ELDOA postures, working to hold each one for up to 1 minute. Each posture is targeted at one joint, through the spine, the shoulders, the hip, the ribs. You use your own strength to create a little bit more space in the joint which will help to keep the joint well lubricated, moving well, and will help to reduce pain in the body. 

ELDOA postures are found in Yoga for Back Health
classes here in The Loft. Sign up below.

Pile of stones

For many years I have experienced discomfort in the thoracic region from a scoliosis — at times it's been most uncomfortable.

I started practicing ELDOA™ with Jennifer Snowdon this fall.

My back is straighter and I rarely have pain anymore.

Judith, Moncton

  • Do I need to bring a yoga mat to class?
    You can bring your own mat with you, or you can use one of the studio mats. Use of the mats is free — please wipe them off with the spray cleaner provided when you are finished. The space is also equipped with blocks, straps, blankets, and lots of other fun props that we might use in class. (They are cleaned regularly.) Relax & Renew (restorative yoga) Classes are usually set up with studio mats on the floor before we begin. Because there are so many props we use in a Relax & Renew Class, I find it simpler this way. If you would prefer to use your own mat, you can make the switch when you arrive.
  • Is there parking?
    There is no parking on Marjorie Street between 10 and 11 am, or before 7 am in the winter. Besides that, it is first come, first serve for street parking. Park on the opposite side of the street from 21 Marjorie. There is also room behind the house for 2 cars. Drive down the shared driveway, and pull in tight on an angle to the right. Please do not block the driveway.
  • Is there somewhere I can change?
    This is also my home, so there are no change rooms. However, this is a single washroom on the second floor that is available for you to use.
  • Weather Policy
    If there is a weather system that prevents people from being able to safely get to class, you will be credited with a class, either for another class that week (if there is room and you are available) or for a deduction from a future class registration.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    I do not offer refunds. Please speak to me directly or email me if you have a problem. I may be able to offer a credit for future classes, depending on the circumstances.
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