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Breathing Education

Join Jennifer to learn about functional breathing and it's applications


Breathing Fundamentals

This 70 minute webinar is your beginning. If you've never taken another training with Jennifer, you'll need to watch this first. 

This is the foundational understanding of functional breathing. Once you understand this, we can explore the implications and applications of functional breathing.


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Traumatic Stress & the Breath
through the murmuration model of adaptive behaviours

Join Jennifer and Laura Beth Wenger for 4 - 75 min webinars + 12 short daily practices. 

This four-week embodied exploration of the scientific and somatic implications of trauma on breathing:

Week 1: Recognise, Resource, Release
Week 2: Reclaiming Safety
Week 3: Finding Flow
Week 4: Integration & Inspiration

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Reading the Breath

Join Jennifer and Declan Clark for 4 - 75 min webinars over 4 weeks. This is designed for people who work with people.

Understand what your client's breath is trying to tell you, and learn how to respond.

Week 1: Observe, Understand, Interpret
Week 2: The Language of Breathing
Week 3: To Hack or Not to Hack?
Week 4: What Can We Do?

Wednesdays 12 – 1:15pm ET, January 24, 31, February 7, 14

Includes access to Breathing Fundamentals

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More courses coming soon....

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