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Traumatic Stress and the Breath

Traumatic Stress & the Breath:

the murmuration model of adaptive behaviours


with Laura Beth Wenger & Jennifer Snowdon


4 Webinars (Recorded)
12 Supplemental Daily Practices (Recorded)

Resources curated to support further learning

​$175 CAD (~$129 USD)

Traumatic Stress & the Breath



4 Webinars and 12 Morning Practices + Resources ($129USD)

Join Jennifer and Laura for this four-week embodied exploration of the scientific and somatic implications of trauma on breathing. ​

Week 1: Recognise, Resource, Release
Week 2: Reclaiming Safety
Week 3: Finding Flow
Week 4: Integration & Inspiration

Includes 3 weeks of short morning practices.

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Through both the webinars and the optional morning practices, you are invited to recognise and unravel personal patterns of stress in respiratory habits, restoring a sense of inner strength, stability, and ease.

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