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Here's some research that you could also find online.

This is not an exhaustive list, obviously. Just meant as a jumping off place.
​I'll likely keep adding research as I come across it, and as I have time.

If you are looking for research PubMed and Google Scholar are good places to start.​

If you're looking for how to apply these things to your own breathing, join me in a Breath Retraining Course, or schedule a session with me.

Nose Breathing

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Nervous System


This article refuting Polyvagal Theory by Grossman will be available here until July 26 (which is as long as Paul Grossman has said it will be free online). I've loaded it here as some have said they're having trouble getting the link.

In an effort to be thorough and transparent, here is Stephen Porges's response to critique.

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